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Cut Flower Garden: Summer of 2021

Whoa, this past year has been nuts. I'm not even referring to all the craziness that is/was the pandemic and the 2020 election. I bought a house! And craziest of all, my husband and I had a baby in January. Her name is Jane, and she, like me, is so ready to get out in… Continue reading Cut Flower Garden: Summer of 2021

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What’s Growing in the Cut Flower Garden?

I may have gotten carried away when I was ordering my cut flowers this spring. I've read it's ideal to have a few fillers, a few foliages, a few discs (smaller, round flowers), and a couple of focal flowers (mains). However, just because I have a lot of flowers for June and July (hopefully) doesn't mean I have enough to carry me through the fall.

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Old views, new perspective

We thought we'd move here and save up enough money right away to buy a home, then coronavirus hit. I lost my job serving and Brad's hours were cut back at the shop. Suddenly, my only companions are my parents and husband. My independence seemed shot, and on top of all of this I still have yet to receive a dime of unemployment or talk to anyone who can help. And yet, I feel closer than ever to the passionate life I've been looking for for years. I feel more inspired than ever being in a place I grew up in.