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Cut Flower Garden: Summer of 2021

Whoa, this past year has been nuts. I’m not even referring to all the craziness that is/was the pandemic and the 2020 election. I bought a house! And craziest of all, my husband and I had a baby in January. Her name is Jane, and she, like me, is so ready to get out in the garden and conquer this next growing season.

I’m hoping that after this coming season, I’ll be able to grow this business. What does that look like? Having a greenhouse that can be used year round! That’s the dream. So far as this year goes, I’m focused on growing for the local farmer’s markets and providing wedding flowers for my sister’s wedding venue, Forget Me Knot.

Each of these seed packets can be purchased from Johnny’s Selected Seeds (for now, but they go fast). I’ll explain these choices more in depth in my next post.

So, without further ado, here are the flower selections for summer of 2021. Be warned: I got a little carried away…

Complete list of focal flowers, fillers, and line flowers:

Strawberry Lemonade Mix
Soraya Branching Sunflower
Chocolate Branching Sunflower
Cupcake Blush Cosmos
Afternoon Delight Cosmos
Double Click Cranberry Cosmos
Benary’s Giant Salmon Rose
Zinderella Peach Zinnia
Benary’s Giant Zinnia Mix
Giant Dahlia Flowered Creamy Yellow
Statice Seed Mix
Strawflower: Sultane Mix
Gloriosa Double Daisy
Gomphrena: Audray Mix
Rudbeckia Triloba (brown-eyed susan)
Pincushion Mix
Madame Butterfly Mix
Magic Single Feverfew
Bells of Ireland
Persian Cress
Red Spike Amaranthus
Ruby Parfait Celosia
Emerald Tassels Amaranthus
Silverdust Dusty Miller

These flowers will be available for purchase from July through September.

2 thoughts on “Cut Flower Garden: Summer of 2021”

  1. I love Johnny’s Seeds, I order from there as well and I’ve grown a lot of those flowers. Johnny’s seeds have great germination rates and grow really well. Good luck on your gardens this year, love the optimism and congrats on the new little bundle of joy! From one flower grower to the next, I hope each growing season is better than the last.

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