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What’s Growing in the Cut Flower Garden?

I may have gotten carried away when I was ordering my cut flowers this spring. I’ve read it’s ideal to have a few fillers, a few foliages, a few discs (smaller, round flowers), and a couple of focal flowers (mains). However, just because I have a lot of flowers for June and July (hopefully) doesn’t mean I have enough to carry me through the fall. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post when I list all of my top picks for cut flowers to grow through autumn.

Below I have pictured all of the flowers I already have growing, it’s not too late to order some if your last frost was recent as mine was here in NE Ohio. You’ll simply directly sow them into the soil. I’ll still be succession planting for the first month of summer. Even with a later start, you’ll still get a nice show and enough cut flowers to share with friends and family this summer. All of the seeds I bought are from either or , with the exception of my dahlias (the pictures are also from these sites). Those tubers were bought from Longfield Gardens. All of these providers have proven themselves to have great germination rates. Here’s the lineup:

Snapdragon Madame Butterfly Bronze (Floret)
Apricot Strawflower (Floret)
Pomegranate Strawflower (Floret)
Panache Sunflower from Floret (favorite — plenty more fuzzy sunflowers to choose from)
Sonja Sunflower (JohnnySeeds)
Chocolate Sunflower (JohnnySeeds)
Sweet Annie from Johnny Seeds (grew like crazy and smells great)
Love-in-a-mist (JohnnySeeds)
Cosmos from Johnny Seeds (wish I’d ordered more varieties!)
Bells of Ireland — I actually lost these seeds 😦 But they’re too pretty not to include (JohnnySeeds)
Sun Balls (JohnnySeeds)
Pierrot White Helipterum — I thought these were daises but they’re actually strawflower (JohnnySeeds)
Queen Lime Orange Zinnia (JohnnySeeds)
Carmine Gomphrena (JohnnySeeds)
Cafe Au Lait Dahlia –my current favorite (Longfield Gardens)
Lifestyle Anemone Dahlia (Longfield Gardens)
Lavender Blush Dahlia Mix (Longfield Gardens)

I don’t recommend starting dahlias this season as it’s pretty late for most places. My dahlias are almost a foot tall already. However, most all of these other flowers can be ordered now with blooms arriving on time. Love-in-a-mist may not go to bud but rather stay in pod form as the ground may be too warm. However, the pods are a pretty neat filler as well.

Zinnias, Cosmos, and Snapdragons, and Sunflowers will all do well if directly sown into the ground now (so long as your frost date has passed). I chose branching sunflowers so that I will have them for much longer, but I am still going to succession plant them this first month of Spring. I did not start any sunflowers in the greenhouse as I’ve read they have a difficult time being transplanted.

You may notice I have 3 varieties of strawflower growing, this will be my go-to dried flower. Sweet Annie will probably be my go-to dried filler. I plan on venturing into that realm once fall rolls through.

Though many of these particulars colors are sold out, there are still many others options of the same types. Let me know if there’s anything growing in your cut flower garden that you think I missed out on this year!

To read more about which flowers to choose for bouquets, here’s a great source:

4 thoughts on “What’s Growing in the Cut Flower Garden?”

  1. I’d grow feverfew, the double “white wonder.” It’s perennial most places, self seeds if you let it, dries well for winter bouquets, long-lasting fresh cut, and often blooms early summer and again in late fall for me (central Indiana.) Sweet Annie can cause severe hay fever and asthma attacks in some people, so just be warned and use signage to prevent problems.

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